Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your interest in Camp Saint Paul! Please read our FAQ for more information!


How old do you have to be to attend Camp Saint Paul and who can register?

We accept campers between the ages of 8-18. Your child MUST be 8 years old BEFORE Camp.  Your child must also be baptized Orthodox Christian in order to attend Camp Saint Paul since it is a ministry of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese with a focus on the youth connecting with their faith and baptism.


How much does a week of camp cost?

A week of camp costs $730 dollars per week. If your child is registered for more than one week, a $60 holdover fee is charged for Sunday into Monday.  Please note, there are no discounts for registering multiple children or for multiple weeks.


How much money is due at registration?

To complete registration, a $300 non-refundable deposit per child, per week, is due at the end of the registration process. 


What does, "holdover" mean?

When a child is signed up for more than one week of camp, there is a holdover fee of $60 to account for the extra day that is spent at Camp Saint Paul.  This day is filled with fellowship with other campers, games, waterfront time, lunch and dinner and a nights lodging at camp.  When registering your child, click, "holdover for (appropriate week)". Note: this is not a way of reserving a spot if the week is sold out.


What do I do if a week of camp is sold out?

If the week of camp you desire to attend is sold out, you can contact the District Youth Office by phone (212-774-0422) or email ( and be put on a waiting list.  The wait list is first come first serve. Once a participant cancels, you will be contacted.


Are scholarships available?

Yes, need-based scholarships are available. Please email the financial aid application to us at Applications are due April 23rd, 2018.


Does my child have to speak Greek to come to camp?

No, your child does not have to speak Greek to come to Camp Saint Paul. All of our programs and activities are done in English. We do have a program called Greek Cultural Appreciation where we teach our campers about the traditions of our Hellenic heritage.


Is there laundry service?

Unfortunately, Camp Saint Paul does not provide a laundry service. Campers planning on staying for more than one week should pack enough clothes to last them their whole stay. Parents can also visit on the holdover day and take the camper into town for a meal and laundry.


What’s a typical day like at Camp Saint Paul?

A typical day at Camp Saint Paul is unlike any other; our campers begin and end their day with chapel, worshiping our Lord. They participate in four different programs, Orthodox Life, where we learn and explore different aspects of our faith, Liturgical Hour, where we learn about the beautiful services of our Church and how to participate in them, Diakonia, where we learn the importance of serving those around us by creating art projects and other crafts and donating them to those in need, and Greek Cultural Appreciation, where we learn about our Hellenic culture and heritage; campers will learn how to Greek dance, acquire interesting facts about Greek culture, and learn how to prepare popular Greek dishes. In the afternoon, our campers get to enjoy beautiful Bantam Lake; tubing, blobbing, jet skiing, swimming and sliding as well as other fun activities. Each evening, our campers participate in a unique and fun activity ranging from Camp Olympics to a campfire complete with s’mores. Our evenings always end in prayer and individual cabin devotionals where our campers explore some of the topics that were discussed in the day’s sessions.


What day and time should campers arrive at the campsite?

Parents should drop off their campers on the Monday of the session they are registered to stay with us for between the hours of 10:00am and 11:30am.  


Are campers permitted to have cell phones or other electronic devices during their stay at camp?

No, campers are not permitted to have cell phones or any electronic devices while they are our guests at camp.  


What should campers bring with them during their stay at Camp Saint Paul?

Bible, prayer book, pillow, pillow case, sleeping bag or sheets and blanket, bath towels, toiletries, flip flops for shower, church clothes(Khakis and a button down for boys, casual knee length skirt and a shirt with short sleeves for girls), swim suit(appropriate clothing required, no vulgar, suggestive, gang related, or irreligious language or images.  One piece swimsuits for girls that covers the stomach area and loose fitting trunks that fall at least to mid-thigh for boys), beach towel, jacket or sweatshirt, sunscreen, insect repellent, toiletries, rain gear, spending money for camp store.  Please note, it occasionally gets cold at camp so you should pack accordingly (i.e. pants, sweatshirts, etc.)


What should campers not bring with them during their stay at Camp Saint Paul?

Alcohol, tobacco products, drugs, weapons, iPod's or any mp3 players or other electronic devices of any sort. (Note: These items will be taken by staff members if brought to camp and returned to campers before they leave).  In the event of a discovery of illegal or dangerous items, the parent(s)/guardian(s) will be notified and appropriate action will be taken.